The humid air resulted in this procedure will be excluded out, leaving dry air to keep drying . The traditional design does not recover the heat, and is therefore very inefficient. However, the traditional design is simple, reliable, reasonable-priced . Features and drying principle of industrial dryer Industrial dryer (industrial dryer) Features: 1, automatic control device to regulate the time, simply through the control panel, you can automatically complete the entire drying process. , high quality stainless steel drum, cylinder beautiful smooth, durable, no scratches fabric phenomenon. 3, large door design, 180 degrees of freedom of the convenient door open, to draw the clothes.

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4, triangular tape drive, smooth operation, low noise, safe and reliable. Industrial dryer (industrial dryer) drying principle in accordance with the following two points: 1, by raising the temperature of the material is heated to accelerate the speed of the internal moisture transfer to the surface. , heating the air, the relative moisture content decreased (air Wei higher the temperature, the saturation moisture content increased) synchronization. This air through the dry material surface, able to take more water vapor. 3, increase the contact area of ?? the material and the air flow is heated, fully contained by the exhaust heat, and drying equipment need to focus on taking into account the problems. This is a new developing dryer, more advanced than the conventional dryer . Its working principle is not to heat through the hot air.

First, the material in roller is heated to 100°C, then resulting damp and hot water vapor. After water vapor escaped out of roller, it will be collected and compressed. Under the pressure of tension, water vapor liquefies and produces heat, sending the heat back to roller, by which it can achieve recycling use of heat. The dryer on this technology, with its efficiency reaching double times of the traditional dryer, the drying time can also be reduced to that half of the traditional dryer. Vibrating grizzly feeder : http://www. mine-crusher. com/vibratingfeeder. htm Ball mill : http://www. hxjqcrusher. com/Ball-mill. html

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