There are so many options to choose from when thinking about comparing two different shopping areas. Even though the ones that I have chosen are directly next to each other they are both very different is many ways. The Burlington Town Center (aka The Square Mall) and Church Street marketplace are the two I have chosen to compare and contrast. Each hold their own great qualities that make them what they are. The Burlington Town Center is a great place to go and shop if you are part of Generation Y.

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Although they may hold some great stores that appeal to different generations they are mostly focused on the Y generation. It is also within walking distance of many different great things in Burlington which is one of the great appeals of it. The mall provides a great location for the younger generation to go and hang out with their friends, but you might see many people from the lower class there as well. Unfortunately this location has a tendency to show that as their reputation as well as a place to shop. When visiting the Burlington Town Center you will typically see the most interesting people there.

Their product tells it all, from the younger age clothing, CD/DVD & gaming stores, grab & go food facilities, to the customers that shop, walk and hang out in the mall. The Burlington Town Center has a great location in the center of downtown Burlington. They promote themselves by way of websites, word of mouth, flyers, and events. The stores are reasonably priced for the Burlington area but the Town Center does bring more traffic to the Burlington area and it isn’t necessarily easy to park there all the time.

The Burlington Town Center does not necessarily market itself but the stores located inside of it market themselves to the public. The Church Street Marketplace it located right outside the front doors of the mall and it is like walking into another world. Walking into a shopping area that offers higher end shops, dining, and events. If you are lucky you will see some of the street entertainers, festivals and hear some great music. It isn’t always loud and go, go, go on the marketplace… they do have some great art and historical architecture to look at as well as some great quiet places to “ponder. The Church Street Marketplace does target more towards an eclectic mix and middle/upper class, although being a gateway to the mall you will find the younger & lower class crowd walking around. They try to appeal to the middle/upper class with their higher quality of stores and dining options but they do offer some younger targeted stores and they are also a prime location for college students during school. The college students love to go to Church Street for the bar scene, which Church Street has on one end of it.

They mostly promote on their website or through the luxury of the many events that they hold every year. They hold prime real-estate for many different events. With the amount of shopping options on this one street alone and having a mall entrance on the road, they don’t need to do that much to promote themselves to the public. Although the two shopping areas are connected at the hip they are both different in so many different ways. That is a great thing, because being that they both have diverse target markets they can draw in an even larger crowd than normal.

It is a positive thing and benefits both shopping areas. So no matter if you are looking to spend $20 or $100 for a pair of pants, you would find a pair of pants at one of the many stores located in the mall or Church Street. Pricing can vary based on what store you shop at. Church Street Marketplace would be like shopping in the higher end districts (like Sax 5th Ave) in New York City, and The Burlington Town Center would be like shopping at any normal mall in a big city. This is our mini NYC.

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