Its said that they have limitless social, political and financial control over our government. (Leung) “Skull & Bones” was founded in 1832 by fifteen senior students at Yale University, only students that attend this university are allowed in. Just because your admitted into the college doesn’t mean you have automatically met the criteria to join the club. Rather one must have a long list of some very impressive accolades and some family connections, yet even that sometimes may not be enough.

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There are only fifteen students picked each year, which means there are around 800 living members at a given time. The rules and rituals that were created in 1832 were set in stone, and are still practiced today. The most important rule that they enforce is that all members must not give out any information about the group including names of other members or projects, they must keep there mouths shut. This secrecy is what has caused the most controversy. The reason for the conspiracies behind Skull & Bones lies in their power in social networking, which is very convincing.

Researchers are almost for certain they have things to hide, and there needs to be some sort of an investigation conducted because it just doesn’t seem fair for such a small organization such as this to have so much social power. There have been three U. S. presidents come out of this society: William Howard Taft, George Bush, and George W. Bush. This organization is also home to many Ambassadors, Industrialists such as William Whitney, CIA Agents, State Department Officials and a huge amount of Senators. The main purpose of this secret society is to get as many members as possible to the highest position of power that they can.

So as one can see they have an unbelievable and unfair advantage when it comes to social networking. Having such control leads to them having a huge impact on what our nation does politically. (Robbins) Researchers believe that “Skull & Bones” has more political power than most could even imagine. While it is evident that they have a great deal just by the few examples just given, they are so secretive that has to be many political figures behind the scenes working for them that people do not know about.

One conspiracy is that they are working on a New World Order; this order being called ”One World Government. ” The bible claims that once mankind is under a ”One-world Government”, the apocalypse is upon us. People who are known “Skull & Bones” members claim to be Christians, like George W. Bush, but yet work towards such a thing that the bible preaches not to do. The one reason that researchers think that members like George W. Bush are lying is because the inauguration you have to go through to be a part of “Skull & Bones”.

There is video of the ritual secretly filmed by Ron Rosenbaum showing members of the order dressed up as the Devil and a Pope who wore a white-monogramed slipper that rested on a skull. There isn’t any detailed information about this, but from it is found it sounds they share similarities with Illuminati who also have the goal of ruling the world. (Robbins) The consequence of people not knowing about what the “Skull & Bones” organization does is endless. They can determine who gets certain positions, which is unfair and shouldn’t be allowed.

It is like they have the country brainwashed. The citizens of the U. S. think the country lives in a democracy but really everything could be controlled by several small groups of people. The fact that they are planning to do things that are against the Bible but yet say they are Christian is very suspicious. Additionally they absolutely have the power to go through with their plan, which is what scares people the most. There is good reason to be scared, because they are capable.

If it were any other organization that had been so secret it would have already been investigated and reported by now but for some reason they have some sort of unknown control. On the other hand having these secret societies could be for the best in the country. Instead of leaving all these important political decisions to the people they leave it up to very intelligent people apart of very intelligent groups. It may not be necessarily right, but may be the safest thing to do in order to get the country going in the right direction. Skull & Bones” is one of many societies across the world, but all are similar and share one thing in common, power. Good or not these organizations do exist, and are very important to people’s daily lives and the world. Leung, Rebecca. “Skull and Bones. ” 60 minutes. CBS News, 2009. Web. 2 Apr 2012. <http://www. cbsnews. com/2100-18560_162-576332. html>. (Leung) Robbins, A. “Skulls and Bones Society. ” Skull and bones society. website, 2000. Web. 2 Apr 2012. <http://www. skullandcrossbones. org/articles/skullandbones. htm>. (Robbins)

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