Touch Screens with stylus has come to dominate the very form of writing we have come to know. This technology is very much still developing and more thorough research must be performed in order to really understand this piece of equipment and what it has in store for writers within the Professional writing field. In 2006 Fong Gong Wu and Shuyi Luo performed a design and evaluation approach for increasing stability and performance of touch pens in screen handwriting tasks. This experiment was conducted to see which tools worked best for certain tasks to improve quality of work for specific everyday jobs.

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Their evaluation allowed them to seek out the best stylus pens for writing on touch screens out there. A very important investigation since it improved the performance of touch screen use for people and essential to any writer that uses it. I would like to conduct a contemporary surveying procedure with the staff of the Exponent to see and verify the use of the touch screen technology within the journalism field. First distributing a set of questionnaires to each participant. To see their use of the touch screen within their daily lives and when they have come across it.

Then to see what aspects of the touch screen has effected their careers and how it will overtake the use of keyboards. Finally I would favor the opportunity to have a short interview with them in a scheduled meeting again to discuss any other thoughts over the touch screen technology and its development within the field of professional writing. I really hope to obtain valuable data over the current existing touch screen technology out in the professional world and obtain feedback over its current use.

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