Greeting: my name is Purpose: Today I’m to talk about the 4th CMSAF Thomas N. Barnes. The reason why we are here today Overview: First I’ll talk about his background to include where he was born, about his family, and his upbringing. Then I’ll go on to a description of him, talking about how his AF career led him to CMSAF. Finally I’ll finish with his significance to include his achievements, contributions, and impact on the AF. With that said let me begin.

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Transistion: Now that I covered what I’ll be talking about, let’s begin with his background MP1: Background A. Birthplace; Chester, PA Nov16, 1930 B. Family, Parents, Transition: Now that I covered his background let me give you a description of his time in the AF. MP2: Description A. Beginning of AF career, B. Pre CMSgt C. Becoming CMSAF Transition: Now that I’ve covered his AF Carrer let me tell you about his significance in the AF. MP3: Significance (PDG BOOKLET) A. Achievements

B. Contributions C. Impact Transition: that was the significance he had on the AF so now let me wrap this thing up. III. Conclusion: I’ve informed you on former CMSAF Thomas N. Barnes’ background which included his birthplace, family, and upbringing. Then I gave you a description of his AF career to include the beginning, before becoming CMSgt, and then CMSAF. Then finally I informed you on his significance in the AF to include his achievements, contributions, and impact on the AF.

I hope that this was very informative for you all and if you have any questions please feel free to approach me at any time during our time here at ALS. Thank you. Closure: Quote…”Our Airmen are doing incredible things out there every day,” Chief McKinley said. “This did not happen by accident. It happened because we had leaders like Chief Barnes who recognized professional military education was important to the Air Force. I am honored and pleased that we are recognizing what this great leader has done, not only for the enlisted force, but for the Air Force and our country. ” CMSAF Mckinnley.

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