Ashurbanipal was the only king who learned how to read and write. He was born in 685 BC and died at 627 BC. He was a very well trained king and learned thing that not all kings knew.. He was a very good king told his people the meaning of things, he made an effort to help his people. Ashurbanipal is remembered as one of the most cultured rulers in the Mesopotamia region. He was literate in both Sumerian and old Akkadian language which was uncommon for rulers of the epoch. he supported the establishment of the first systematically organized library in the Middle East. this library contained tens of thousands of works in the shape of tablets. Most of them where trying to explain events in the world. Some of them were even of scientific nature. There were also many religious texts (like the Gilgamesh). Even folk tales were admitted into the library. From monumental presentations of ashurbanipal, we see him in situations of hunting, archery and horse riding, but this could be propaganda for his qualities and abilities. From contemporary accounts like his autobiographical works and correspondence. We hear of a king who was very active in ruling, often dealing with detailed questions. He was personally involved in the appointments of governors and prefects. He functioned as the real general contractor when building state houses and structures. Ashurbanipal was also abandoned by his father when he was a baby too.

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