A vibrant trading system developed, bringingmanufactured goods and raw materials from as far as Turkey, andeven India, 1500 miles away. Trade became integral to the economyand the culture. In this lesson, students explore the tradeindustry in Old Babylonia and its far-flung influence. That waslife for the Babylonian citizens.Grain, oils and textiles were taken fromBabylonia to foreign cities and exchanged for timber, wine,precious metals and stones. In addition, merchants from othercountries travelled to Babylonia to exchange their goods. Thoughfarming was the main industry of the ancient Babylonian, trade wasalso an integral part of their life and of Babylonian civilization.A king could not raise taxes for some great war from poor peasants.Trade was the key to wealth. The kings knew that to preserve theirown wealth they had to promote trade. They supported the merchantsand would often ransom them if bandits or some hostile kingdomcaptured them. By promoting trade a king could tax people.

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