Mesopotamia is now the land that is today partof Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. It was also here that Abraham had livedbefore he set out to the Promised Land. For many years, Abraham wasbelieved to have lived at the same time as Hammurabi. Laterscholars would date Abraham to the period shortly before the reignof Hammurabi so now Hammurabi now appears to be a near contemporaryof Moses instead of Abraham. In Egyptian chronological studies, thepatriarchs are dated earlier than ever before. In spite of this,there has been little research conducted on the relationshipbetween Abraham and Mesopotamia. It will come to the conclusionthat Abraham lived much earlier in Mesopotamian history than whatmost have realized.The word Mesopotamia comes from Greek origin,meaning the land between two rivers — the Tigris and theEuphrates. Both the Tigris and the Euphrates start in themountainous regions of Turkey and flow into the Persian Gulf.Abraham was a city dweller from the city ofUr. His father, Terah, was a maker of idols. Abraham believed inthe One God, the maker of heaven and earth, not the multipledeities that the common people of the region believed in. In about2090 BC, God called Abraham out of that city, to separate him fromthat evil influence, and to make of him a great nation. Abrahambecame a wanderer and a nomad in the land of Canaan.

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