The similarities between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens fall under many categories such as physical, intellectual and social. By its name, Homo erectus, we already know that it is an upright creature that would walk on two legs much like Homo sapiens; this upright posture was offered through a similar limb structure to the Homo sapiens. A further notable similarity between the two is the teeth that are hominin and do not resemble teeth of apes.Another quality Homo erectus shared with Homo sapiens, and not apes, falls under the category of intelligence. While it is true that some apes are known to employ tools in their day to day lives, their tools are simple things like sticks, twigs, or stones however; Homo erectus is known to be the first to gain a control over fire, seek shelter in caves and create a number of stone tools that fall under the Acheulean category which took place during the lower Palaeolithic periods. This type of stone tool is credited only to Homo sapiens and Homo erectus.Under the social similarity between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens is simply the tendency to live and hunt in groups.

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