Babel was built 2240bc Nov 18 Noah’s year 732 which is 132x 360 days and so 130 years after the Flood 2370bc. For 346 years babel had no king, but rather when kings were being appointed in 2207bc around the world everywhere, those in Babel remianed as a mere body of kings or body of elders. None was sole king until 1894bc on Nov 2 the new year 1083 in 360-day calendar but year 476 in Egyptian 365-day calendar. Hamurabii ruled in 1792bc, the Maya pivot their calendar on this year thinnking he is Nimrod. However, when Nimrod died in Abydos Egypt at the age of 500 in 1770bc (Adam’s year 2256am), it is then that Hamurabi went forth to conquer saying he was the son of Nimrod, the king of Babylon and all four quarters, all four kingdoms. Many chronologies alos pivot on 1763bc when he destroyed Mari Syria (relatives of Abram) whose year is found in Mayan chronology too and Jacob went back to Canaan in 1761bc after the city Mari was destroyed in 1762bc. Amizaduga died in Adams year 2400 (1626bc) and every chronology has this year of Venus Tablets as 3600am projecting the 2400 to year 6000 armageddon. Citizens hated the last king of Babylon so at Amizaduga’s death they moved to India where their forefathers had gone when Ur was destroyed in 1900bc. Proof of both year 1900-1625bc is the fact that Hindu of 700bc use the 2400 back to 1900bc and back to their FLOOD 3102-3101bc) and thus say 1900bc was year 3600. They are the source of the 5500bc Adam to European end of world in 500 AD. It comes form the fact that in 275 years Venus has the same lunar dates. Thus the last hated ruler died in 1594bc when Moses was born. Like Abram predicted, Ur was gone and Babylon too. These 300 years 1894-1594bc are in so many chronologies claimed as 6 years earlier 1900-1600bc.
This is why you have the 3600 years 5500-1900bc or 5200-1600bc. The true 3600 was 1626bc to 1975. As Jesus warned of the end in 33 AD and it came and destoryed Jerusalem 37 years in 70 AD, so too the end which was warned in 1975 comes 37 years later.

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