According to Master Fard, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Nation ofIslam and the 5% Nation of Gods & Earths, “the Colored Man isthe Caucasian White Man, or Yacub’s Grafted Devil, the skunk of theplanet Earth”. The European is called “colored” because when youadd the “ed” to the end of the word “color”, it makes itpast-tense, showing and proving that the Caucasian race are a raceof Albinos, who lost their pigmentation, something they used tohave, but now lack. To color, means to varnish, dye, paint orstain, which is why they spray-tan & try to mix with us peopleof color, they lack the complexion for the protection. They arecalled Caucasian, because that’s where we sent them to, after weran them from the root of civilization, the Holy City of Mecca-we,the Moslem Moors, banished them to the cold mountainous caves ofthe Caucasus Mountains, located right behind Turkey, in the areaknown today as Georgia and Armenia. They are called the Skunk ofthe planet Earth, because everywhere the so called White Man went,he left the smell of death from all the dead bodies he left behind,as he was free to rape & pillage the Earth. Yacub is hisfather, a Black man who discovered magnetism, because science showsand proves you can get white out of black, but you cant get blackout of white. White is a lack of color or pigmentation, theopposite of Black. Peace to the Gods and the Moors!

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