The religion itself has no name, just as with the religion of theancient Greeks or Romans. Many of the Phoenician gods can howeverbe traced back to the ancient Canaanite religion practiced in theregion that is now covered by Israel, Lebanon and Syria. As in manyother ancient religions, there were a sizable number of gods whowere there to protect against dangers and sponsor activities likethe arts, war, crop growth, trade etc. Phoenician religion believedin an afterlife where the souls of the dead went to. The god stillwell-known today because of its mention in the Bible is Baal, godof fertility and energy.

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Stories about the ‘cruel rituals’ like human sacrifice inPhoenician religion are still mentioned, but almost all thesestories originate from Roman sources. But the Romans as swornenemies of the Phoenicians had every reason to try and depict themand their religion as ‘barbarian’ and therefore worthy ofdestruction.

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