Animal life in the last Ice Age consisted of a larger diversity of animals closely related to those that live today, including relatives of bears, lions, buffaloes, sloths, and monkeys as well as species known to be extant today. The climate of the time was overall colder in average global temperature, so many types of animals existed that were adapted to the cold (e.g. many types of mammoths); others were adapted towards life on the dry interiors of continents such as North America (e.g. Smilodon cats). A small sampling of extinct species known to have lived in the Ice Age is given below:

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Mammuthus primigenius (the woolly mammoth)
Mammuthus columbianii (the Columbian mammoth)
Mammut americanum (the American mastodon)
Smilodon populator (the largest Sabre-toothed cat)
Glyptotherium texanum (giant armadillo)
Megatherium americanum (giant ground sloth)
Coelodonta antiquitatis (the woolly rhinoceros)
Arctodus simus (the giant short-faced bear)
Megalodon carcharodon (the giant white shark)
Panthera Leo spelaea (the cave lion)
Homo neanderthalensis (Neanderthal man)

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