Citizenship was important in Ancient Athens because:
Only citizens could vote, belong to the Assembly, which meant theyhad some political sway. Only citizens could, own slaves, haveheirs and participate in religious ceremonies. And most importantonly citizens could own land, also only males could becomecitizens. Pretty dumb that ladies couldn’t become citizen

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Ancient Athens had an estimated population of around 160,00 peoplenot including women or children. But to become one of the luckycitizens of Ancient Athens you had to be a male over the age of 18(That was not a slave, or metoici) whose forefather’s had beencitizens of Athens for three generations, they also had to ofcompleted military training, Ephebos.

Some the rights of citizens in Ancient Athens included:
· To be free
· To vote
To be elected to all offices of the state

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