Many caves in Europe, perhaps half of them in France, have paintings that date back as far as the paleolithic age. Arguably the most “important” are Chauvet, Cosquer, Cussac, Font-de-Gaume, Lascaux, Les Combarelles, Les Trois-Freres, Niaux, and Rouffignac. Just to show that France doesn’t hold a monopoly, the Spanish cave Altamira is well known site.The caves where this ancient art (“cave art” or “cave painting”) can be found range all across Europe to the Ural mountains. There are some 300 to 400 sites that have been documented. How wonderful that something from a people so removed from us in time survives today! Imagine looking at the pictures and knowing that someone created the works over 30,000 years ago!Wikipedia has an article on cave painting, and a link is provided. Go look at the pictures! Now!

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