the kush was a country bordering ancient egypt
Ham Also Kham. The definition of his name some has rendered it as black that is incorrect the name means the same as Adam, the name of Adam is spelled Ad-ham, Ham is a short form of the name, so it can be defined as swarthy which means light brown to brownish orange color, also tawny of a dark yellowish or dull yellowish-brown or pale brown tinge with a red under tone color, his name is also synonymous with father of a crowd or multitude, Ham had four sons

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Kush (Cush means numberer) (sons were Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sabteca, Ityop, Sindh, Nimrod and the sons of Raamah is Sheba and Dedan in most references they are listed under Kush as there father. (Nubians Ethiopians, Arabians, Somalis, Eritreans, Indians, Australians, Papua New Guinea and other related groups).
Mizraim also Mitzrayim double lands (sons were Lud, Anom, Pathros, Chasloth and Chaphtor – also Misraim, Mitzraim, Mizraite, Mitsrayim (Egyptians, Khemets, Philistines, and other related groups).
Phut also Seth this name is the equivalent of Seth and it means appointed or in his image (sons were Gebul, Hadan, Benah and Adan – also Putaya, Putiya, Punt, Puta, Put, Libia, Libya (Libyans, Cyrenacians, Tunisians, Tuaregs, The extinct Guanches of the Canary Islands, North Africans, and other related groups).
Canaan or Kanaan this name means Merchants or Tradesman or land of tradesmen’s (sons were Zidon, Heth, Amori, Gergashi, Hivi, Arkee, Seni, Arodi, Zimodi and Chamothi) – also Canaanites, Cana, Chna, Chanani, Chanana, Canaana, Kana, Kenaanah, Kena’ani, Kena’an, Kn’nw, Kyn’nw, Kinnahu, Kinahhi, Kinahni, Kinahna, Kinahne (Canaanites,Sumer and Phoenicians and possibly a small group went to India).

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