The Mede Persians.According to the Bible (Daniel 5:1-4) and confirmed by the Greekhistorian, Herodotus, in October of 539 BC, Belshazzar hosted agreat feast inside Babylon, wining and dining a thousand exaltedguests. A message was mysteriously written in the wall.Mene: God hath numberedthy kingdom and finished it.Tekel: Thou art weighedin the balance and found wanting.Peres, Upharsin: Thykingdom is devided and given to the Medes and Persians.The Babylonianswithdrew within the city’s “impregnable” walls, made light ofCyrus’ seige and continued their feast. However, Cyrus’ army, ledby his general, Gobryas, diverted the waters of the Euphrates,waded under the city’s walls and entered Babylon withoutopposition. They were welcomed by the Babylonian citizens whodetested Nabonidus and Belshazzar and Cyrus’ army infiltratesBabylon.

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