Julius Caesar sought to establish power over the capital in orderto bring about political reform he thought necessary to keep Rome adominant power throughout the Mediterranean . To do this he neededto centralize the power within Rome itself and to bring theprovinces under stronger Roman control . He did this by assumingdictatorial powers in order to affect these reforms throughout Romeand the provinces .

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Another viewpoint:

He was forced to do so because his time as a magistrate had run outand he had lost his immunity from prosecution. His co-consul of 10years before – Bibulus – had been waiting for this day so that hecould prosecute him for impiety, which carried the death penalty.Caesar had asked for an extension of his magistracy and one legionto keep his immunity and have a bodyguard, but this was rejected bythe Senate. Exposed, he had no option but to sieze control while hestill had the legions from Gaul responsive to him.

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