SalamisThere were two sea battles in 480 BCE – Artemesium opposite Thermopylai (the pass was held to force the sea battle in the hope of breaking Persian sea superiority). This battle was indecisive, and the Greek fleet retired to the island of Salamis and a decisive battle in the strait between the island and Athens achieved success, denying Xerxes of his essential sea resupply, and his ability to threaten the cities of southern Greece.There were two land battles the following year 479 BCE – Plataia where the Greeks defeated the Persians and the Greeks who sided with them, and Mykale in Asia Minor – the latter was intended to be a naval battle against the residue of the Persian fleet, but the Persians refused engagement, drawing their ships up on the beach and fortifying them. The Greek sailors and soldiers disembarked and attacked in a land battle which they won, and burned the fleet.

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