Yes!! Ice Age 4: Continental Drift is worth the money when you watch it in 3D! OMG It is so cool! My family went to go watch it and it looked SO REAL! It felt like I was there too!And also when I went to go watch it, it cost 34.00 and it was 2 children and 2 adults. But plus the popcorn and everything it cost like 10.00 so in all it was like 44.00 but it WAS worth the money! It looked so real! Even my parents liked it! you will totally love it! I would pay 100.00 to watch the movie in 3D if I had to!! that’s how good it is! ALL I’M SAYING IS IF YOU WATCH IT IN 3D YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY BY THE COOL GRAPHICS AND HOW AMAZING IT IS! WATCH IT! WATCH IT! WATCH IT!

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