As aresult of its geographic position, Assyria served as a forum forinternational trade. Communities that were not self-containedeconomically and were vulnerable to crop failure depended upon thesurpluses of their neighbors. Hence the direct link between tradeand war in ancient Assyria. The abundance of copper, bronze andiron in the region prompted the development of weapons, tools,utensils and even shoes for horses! Assyrians were truly greatinnovators and masters of their environment. In the arts andsciences, Assyrians exhibited great talents. From the ground plansof temples and palaces, through furniture, jewelry, carved ivoriesand cylinder seals, to sculptures, wall paintings and reliefs,Assyrians have made a significant contribution to the humanities.Assyrian astrology related primarily to affairs of the state, andits predictions were arrived at by applying traditionalinterpretations to current events in the heavens, such as eclipses,rings around the moon or positions of the planets. Assyrianmedicine was comprised of oils, wine, salt and plants. Thesenatural products were used to alleviate symptoms and curealiments.

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