Answer 1
the assyrian empire was a great empire ,one of the worlds strongesthowever the effort of controlling their empire became too much forthem and it weakened at the same time another group of people thearyans were becoming strong in Iran . They had come from Asia Indiaand Iran ,they were divided into two races : the medes in the westand the persians in the east . Soon After ashrubanipal died therewas a revolt in babylon which was then occupied by the assyrians.The babyliaons formed an alliance with the medes who freed babylonand went to destroy ninveh ( the capital of assyria) in the battleat Carchemish in 605 BC

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Answer 2
The ancient Sumerian city of Assur came under Assyrian controlserving as the capital of the Assyrian Kingdom. Amorites gainedcontrol over Southern Mesopotamia ending independent Sumerian rulein the region. And then Assyria was conquered by Amorites, anotherSemitic people. The Amorites constituted the ruling class, whilethe Assyrians comprised the general population, retaining theirdistinct identity. The reason was war.

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