1 punic war-Rome and carthage both wanted the islands between them for trade..so carthrage and rome fought for 23 years over them (carthage was more powerful so they were winning in sea battles)…but then rome invented the “raven”.A claw attached to their ships to hook to the carthegean ships and make a bridge..therefore the romans would board and take over carthragean ships.So rome won.2punic war – A guy named hannibal wanted to get revenge on rome..so he takes the land route to get there with his elephants and his army..but they stop in spain for 4 year..and while they are in spain rome attacks their defencless city and absolutly destroys it taking their villagers as slaves.3 punic war-carthrage still wants revenge but rome surrounds their city with boats and armys..leaving the city to die of starvation and diesease..THE END…also im 99% percent sure all these facts are right but their are many more details to include if u were writing an essay.Thank you.

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