Law is a set of rules or principles dealing with a specific area of a legal system. It helps the area run smoothly and it stops people from doing whatever they want to do. Canadian law is a set of laws gathered from unlike civilizations and one of them happens to be code of Hammurabi.
Hammurabi’s code has 282 laws all covering various topics. He organized his laws under groups such as family, labor, personal property, real estate, trade, and business.Our own government, copies this technique, when making laws they are placed into their fitting group of similar laws. This type of organization was created in Hammurabi’s code.
Hammurabi based his code on many beliefs like, the strong should not harm the weak, and that the time should fit the crime. In government today they very much believe in this too, however they do not have the same punishments Hammurabi had made.
In the code, crimes punishable by death needed a trial in front of judges. These crimes were bigamy, incest, kidnapping, adultery and theft. There are also laws comparable to today.

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