Obesity in AmericaKimberly BailesMAAT 100: Medical TerminologyDr. Michael AltmanDecember 7, 2013
Obesity in America Obesity in America is not a new discovery, but has been around for years. It is only in the recent years that obesity has become one of the most important issues facing Americans today. Children and adults alike are becoming more obese, and it seems that the number of children who are obese today has grown in recent years. Who or what is to blame for this obesity, could it possibly be the different cultures, after all America is a melting pot of different societies and cultures. Maybe obesity should be blamed on the media, after all there are all those commercials enticing us to eat all that fast food and that bigger is better. As Americans do we just take responsibility for ourselves and take the blame for it, are by ourselves making us obese. Obesity what is it? Well it seems that is kind of a hard definition to come by, the World Health Organization defines obesity as “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health” (Obesity 101, 2012). Now, you ask what is abnormal or excessive, to answer that question we need to look at the BMI (body mass index). The BMI helps to determine not only who is considered overweight or obese, but it also determines who is underweight. Every person has a BMI; the BMI is the ratio of a person’s weight to height. Normal BMI is 18.5 – 24.99, overweight is 25 – 29.99 and any BMI over 29.99 is considered obese. In the United States today more than one-third of Americans are obese. The Center for Disease Control states that some groups are inclined to be more obese than others. For example “non-Hispanic black and Mexican-American men with higher incomes tend to be more obese than those with lower income” (Center for Disease Control). Also it seems that women who have higher incomes tend to be less obese than those women who have low incomes….

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