Malaysia Airlines Services or MAS is Malaysia national air transport service provider. Starting off in 1947, a small air service with just one twin engine Air Consul and now has become an award-winning airline with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and servicing more than 100 different destinations.Three major human resource issues are being identified including over-supply of manpower and low productivity, discrimination and diversity. These three issues are being further explained and discuss in the following report. Over-supply of manpower and low productivity are seen as greatest problem that Malaysia Airlines was facing.The implication of the human resource issue include unpleasant working environment, low labour productivity and low revenue and high cost of operation. Human resource issues cause these problems to arise if it was not being solved in a professional way. Solution such as retrenchment, equal employment opportunity (EEO), work-life balance, training and development, workforce diversity and performance management have being done and suggested by MAS to further cope with the human resource issue that they are facing now and then. Further details of these solutions can be found in the following report.Recommendations in terms of human resource information system (HRIS) and change management were implement and suggested towards MAS. Plateau System and Oracle E-business Suite are example of HRIS. MAS were also recommended to change their current decentralized organization to a better integration organization.As for conclusion, the importance of human element in the achievement of the company’s objectives must not be overlooked. Human resource management is important towards the organization to build an effective and efficient working environment.

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