Surviving The Applewhites : Literature Circle Questions
1. What is the “Creative Academy” and how does Jake Semple end up going there Creative Academy is the Applewhite home school. Jake Semple has been expelled from the local public school, Traybridge Middle School, and has been kicked out of all the public schools in the whole state of Rhode Island. Aunt Lucille Applewhite thought the Applewhites could educate Jake at their school.2. List all the members of the Applewhite family and explain what each of their talents or jobs is.Grandpa Zedediah, patriarch of the Applewhite clan, makes and designs furniture with his son.
Aunt Lucille is a poet who conducts workshops at Traybridge Middle School.
Uncle Archie, Lucille’s husband and Zedediah’s son, is a furniture maker and designer.
Randolph Applewhite, son of Zedediah, directs plays.
Sybil Jameson, wife of Randolph, is the best-selling author of mysteries about a florist who is an amateur detective.
Hal, oldest son of Randolph and Sybil, is a painter, a sculptor, and a set designer.
Cordelia, eldest daughter of Randolph and Sybil, is a composer and a choreographer.
E.D., youngest daughter of Randolph and Sybil, is a dedicated student whose talent is organization.
Destiny, youngest son of Randolph and Sybil, has an eye for color and a talent in the visual arts.3. What is involved in E.D.’s Butterfly Project? What does she need to do to complete it The project plan was to catch, photograph, and catalog every butterfly in the Butterflies of the Carolinas (p. 33). She needs to catch, photograph, and catalog one last butterfly called the great spangled fritillary, to complete the project. 4. Why does E.D. think she is different than the other Applewhites? What are they like? What is she like E.D. thinks that she is different than the other Applewhites because to be a true Applewhite means that whatever creative activity you put your mind to will turn…

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