Module name: Sustainable Strategy – from Planning to ImplementationTitle of the assignment: Strategic Analysis of Inditex Student name :
Submission date :
Executive Summary Irrespective of the amount of resource that a company has if the company is not able to adopt a suitable strategy to carry out its operations. Further such strategies need to address the objectives of key stakeholders such as share holders and other main stake holders. Corporate strategy of the Inditex was evaluated in the light of its goals and objectives. A brief introduction of company was produced in the introduction part highlighting key aspects of the company. Strategic position of the company was analysed using PESTLE analysis, five forces, SWOT analysis. Further industry life cycle was analysed using Industry life cycle. The results from such analysis were discussed further in this report. BCG matrix was used to analyse the strategic direction of Inditex. Further Ansoff’s growth matrix also used for this purpose. Further Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability and Sustainability of the strategy of Inditex was discussed in this report. Finally conclusions and recommendations were made for the Inditex to achieve its corporate objectives. .Contents
Introduction 3
Strategic position 3
PESTEL analysis 4
Michel Porter’s five forces 5
SWOT Analysis 7
Strategic Directions 7
Suitability, Acceptability, Feasibility and Sustainability 10
Suitability 10
Acceptability 10
Feasibility 11
Sustainability 11
Conclusion and recommendation 11
Conclusions 11
Recommendations 11
References 12
Appendix 1 13
IntroductionStarted in 1975 in Spain with one shop, in 2011 Inditex has become one of the world’s largest fashion retail group. Currently it operates…

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