Giants in/on the Earth Goliath was almost 10 feet tall with twelve fingers and twelve toesHumans were not always four to six feet tall. Some of the first humans were in fact sixty feet tall, especially those who settled here from the larger planets such as Uranus, or those born of human and alien intermarriage such as the Nephilim of the bible.Environmental and genetic and dietary changes slowly reduced both the height and lifespan of humanity to what it is today.According to Bharati and Hindu scripture, man has been on Earth for over 120 million years, and that we are in the 28th cycle(there are 30 in all) of 4,320,000 years which can be divided into four stages…1.The Golden Age of Man: lasted 2,160,000 years. Man was 31.5 feet tall, physically immortal, and lived some 100,000 years before going voluntarily into a deep sleep and leaving his body to return to his spiritual home. During their physical lives they ate very little, at long intervals, and then only fruit or water.2.The Silver Age of Man: lasted 1,080,000 years. Man was 21 feet tall and lived some 10,000 years.3.The Copper Age of Man: lasted 720,000 years. Man was 10.5 feet tall and lived 1000 years.4.The Iron Age of Man: the present age, is 360,000 years long, during which man’s average height is 5 feet nine inches, and the average life span is less than 50 years. This is the worst or most rotten age of man. Man is reduced to his seed, out of which will sprout a new being.The Iron Age is still with us, but already the seeds of a new Golden Age are being planted which will slowly bring us back to our original physical and spiritual stature. This period will cover the next 144,000 years.Whether there are a few too many zeros or not in the dates, this Hindu version of our history reveals that mankind’s decreasing physical stature over millennia reflects his continual moral or spiritual degeneration.While there are still giants born here on outer earth, most do not exceed 8 feet in height. In middle or or inner earth, however, giantism is very common, due to the lower gravity and ideal climate. Most inner earth people vary in height between 9 and 12 feet tall and have lifespans of between 600 to 1000 years. The kings or leaders are usually the tallest, averaging 14 feet in height and living to between 3000 and 4000 years.The larger or farther a planet is, the taller or more long-lived are its inhabitants, unless there is a deterioration of the planetary eco-system.

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