“People trade to get resources they didn’t have in their own area. As Neolithic people became more skilled in there crafts, they wanted materials to improve the strength and beauty of the things they made. Getting those resources became the job of traders.
Traders often traveled hundreds of miles to find what they wanted. They crossed mountains on foot, rode donkeys across deserts, and sailed the Mediterranean Sea on ships.

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What were the traders looking for? Popular items included flint and obsidian. Obsidian is a black glass from volcanic mountains. Craftspeople used it to make knife blades, arrowheads, and mirrors. People also traded for ‘beauty products’ like shell ornaments and a red ore called hematite. Women rubbed hematite on their lips and cheeks to make them redder.
The growth of trade allowed people to make use of more resources. It also brought them into contact with people from distant places. These contacts helped spread ideas and knowledge around the ancient world.” -History Alive!: the Ancient World Student Edition by TCI Brings Learning Alive!

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