The ancient Greeks were citizens living in Greek city-state.It had its Greek civilization.
-Greek civilization
start:It was developed around the Aegean region in about 3000BC.It was originated by 2 civilisations:Mycenaean civilization and Minoan civilization.

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Minoan civilization(3000BC-1450BC)
It began in the Island of Crete in 3000 BC.Minoans traded with ancient Egyptians and Babylonies and learned writing from them.Minoans learned to build palaces(Palace of Knossos),made pottery and jewellery.This allowed them to form the Minoan civilization for 1500 years.In around 1500 BC,island of Crete was hit by an earthquake.Later on in 1450 BC,the Mycenaeans conquered it and Minoan civilization ended.
Mycenaean civilization(1450BC-1100BC)
It was located in southern of Greece.The Mycenaeans knew how to use metal and made pottery.Through learning civilization of Minoans,Mycenaeans had its civilization.In 1100 BC,it was conquered by Dorians(came from northern and northwesthern of Greece) and ancient Greek then entered its DARK AGES

Rise of it:
After dark ages,in 800 BC,Greek city-states started to appear.The city-states were formed because:
1.The Greek peninsula was made up of mountains which made communication and transportation difficult.
2.The Greeks were made up of different tribes.It was difficult to unify the ideas and culture to be one.
Among these city-states,Athens and Sparta were the most famous and the strongest,however they were totally different.
Its government followed democrachy,male citizens aged 20 or above could join the assembly and discuss politics.People were mainly farmers,fishermen,making pottery and trading.They loved education,children were sent to school when very young.It was the most important port and richest city-state in ancient greek.It has the strongest navy in the ancient Greek as well.Also it built many opem-air theatres and temples.
Its government is made up of 2 kings and 28 elders(olilgopoly),people were not allowed to join the government.Spartans were warlike and loved sports.Children were sent to army training barracks when very young.They mainly did farming.They didn’t build any temples or open-air theatre.However they won many prizes in Olympic Games and had the stragest army in ancient Grance.
——–entertainment time~Persian War~——————————————–
As the Greek population began to grow,there was not enough food and land so the ancient Greek began to build colonies along the Black sea and Mediterranean sea.It the nbecame strnger and stronger.The Persians were jealous of it and took all its colonies,then defeated the Greek.The Persian War started.It lasted for 10 years!Here are the three major battle during the Persian War:
1.Battle of Marathon(490BC):Athens won with as smaller army
2.Battle of Thermopylae(480BC):Persians defeated Spartan in Thermopylae then took Athens and broke down its Acroplis.
3.Battle of Salamis(480BC):The Athenians navy defeated the Persians in sea Salamis.It was the first sea battle in the world.The Persians was driven put of the Greek penisual in 479 BC.
—————————finish little entertainment—————————————————Life in the Greek city-states

Most Greek city-states followed the tree differnet styles of government,they were:
1.Monarchy:ruled by king
2.Democracy:ruled by people,matters were all discide by all people
3.Oligopoly:ruled by a small group of people
Most Greek city-states followed 506 BC,the Athenians set up democracy system.They set up government through elections.
-the structure of society
In ancient Greek,citizens were freemen living in a city-states.They enjyed many rights such as power to vote,owning land and right to join the governemnmt affairs.Slaves were at the bottom of the social structure.They were mostly criminals,presoners of war and children sold by their parents.They were not protected by the law.Men had a higher social status than women.Men earned a living for the famly when women did housework and took care of children at home.
The ancient Greeks were mostly farmers,fishermens,craftsmen and merchants.Farmers grew grapes,olive and wheat.Merchants trade as far as ancient Egypt and Middle East.Fishermens fished along the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea.Craftsmen made nicve pottery,sculptures,paintings and jewellery.In 6 th century BC,Greeks used silver and gold to make coins.
Ancient Greeks worshiped many Gods.Each city-state had a particulargod as their guadian.

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