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add. One idea of a great flood possibly arose from observing shells and marine organisms well above current sea levels. The explanations given were without rigorous foundation.

A better possibility is that it was the flooding of the Black Sea from the Mediterranean Sea towards the close of the ice ages. There are undoubtedly man made structures at about 100m deep under the Black Sea. And also fresh water snail remains.
This flooding is believed by some to be as recent as less than 6000 BC. Well within the range of human habitation.
And the arrival of such a flood would have been an easy prediction just by watching the water levels rise on the Mediterranean side. The minimum depth in the Bosphorous Strait is 36 m, and the sea level rise consequent upon the end of the ice ages would be about 100m. The proximity of the fabled Mt Ararat adds a little substance to this idea.

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