Training Preparation
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Jungle Gym Inc.
Jungle Gym Managers
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May 2, 2014
Two-day offsite training Training Project Overview
As discussed previously, Jungle Gym has expanded dramatically in the recent years. To develop a baseline of how all Jungle Gym locations should function, an enterprise resource system (ERP) will be brought in. All managers will be required to attend a two day training session at the main office. Our Oklahoma City location was chosen because of its central point from all the locations. This system will combine finance, accounting, human resources, sales, and marketing onto a single platform to be used company-wide. This will enable the business to remain on the same page operationally.
Training Preparation
With the large amount of managers, the training will be broken into regions: East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, and Southern locations.
One e-mail per location needs to be sent to [email protected] with the following information by May 15:
Contact numbers of each person
Training Timeline
East Coast – August 1 & 2
West Coast – August 3 & 4
Midwest – August 8 & 9
South – August 10 & 11
Please plan accordingly. If these timeline are impossible for one or more of a location’s managers, let me know by May 15. Please try to make every effort to make these dates work, but if they do not, I can try to schedule you on another date with a different region.
Training Day 1
Finance and Accounting
Training Day 2
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
A more detailed breakdown of each day will provided closer to the training dates.
Travel Accommodations
Flights will be scheduled for the day prior to the first day of class. If anyone requires any additional assistance or special accommodations, please let me know as soon as possible. Hotel is TBA.
Meal per diem is $50.00…

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