Contact @ 739804622 and 9305103419Shiksha4all 10th foundation course
1. This is a sample material for the students of tenth class
2. The material is useful for the examination of Olympiad, IIT JEE , NTSE
and other competitive exams
3. This sample is free of cost and after going through the document if
students feel that it will be beneficial for them, they can join the program.
4. The Author has also written a blog for the
students of IIT JEE Mains and Advance. It is requested to visit the blog
and see the work of the author.
5. Apart from the reading modules, the main attraction of this online
program is online quizzes which will be conducted on regular
basis and students will be rewarded for their performance.
6. Quizzes are based on the pattern of the Olympiad and NTSE exams and
related to the basics of IIT JEE.
7. Quizzes let you streamlined your preparation and clear concepts in time
8. The program is based roughly on the syllabus of 10th.
9. The assignment will be sent to the email-id in printable PDF format no
hardcopy will be sent. Students are advised to take print outs and read
the material. If there is any difficulty in understanding the topics,
student can call us or write us, shiksha4all is committed to solve
all the doubts related to any concept of the mathematics.
The cost of the program is only Rs.2500/Terms & Conditions

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This programme is open for individual students and aspirants only. This programme is a supplement to
your preparation and may not be a sole source of your preparation for any particular examination.
The payment made by you is for a service to be received by you for your personal benefit. This contract is
for a service that is to be provided to you in future, for a long term and on regular basis. The service is to
be provided by a human being in good faith and good state of health and mind, and the entire liability
rests with a single person.
However, the…

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