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Pamela Caragianis
January 22, 2014
Winston WilliamsDefinition Paper
Innovation, design and creativity are common words used often in business today and are essential for the success of a business. There are many definitions associated with these words. These words deal with curiosity, experimentation, dissatisfaction and the need and desire for improvement to a product or service.
All business has the opportunity to develop new products and individuals can also develop solutions for personal growth. In order to compare and contrast the meaning behind the different terms must be understood.
Innovation is the process of creating and developing an idea into a new product, service or process. Innovation is finding what the problem is and creating a solution for it. Also known as product innovation, services a company offers, or the way they are created and delivered. Innovation is made up of implementation and creativity. Putting the ideas into practice is the implementation; there are three things that make this up: selecting the idea, development and commercialization. A systematic and methodological approach must be used, it is important to be organized. There are times that important decisions must be made quickly. Every successful business must have processes and procedures in place for the implementation of projects and deadlines to be completed. Creativity is the development of the basic concept from start to finish. The act of developing an idea is essential to innovation it involves thinking outside of the box, being different and making new connections. Being creativity is not always being inspired; it is taking knowledge in the arts, history, science and mathematics and putting them together to come up with something new. Creativity is not limited to just a few selected people. Creativity is stimulated and supported by training, education, and utilizing the right work environment. Creativity…

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