In the 1960’s civil rights was an issue that was not only effecting the government but the American society. Many men and women both black and white tried to stop segregation and oppression of African Americans. Since the freedom of slaves African were still oppressed and blamed for small problem that the average white skinned American would not accept. Many African have tried to fight for equal right but have been shut down by the government or laws. African Americans have tried to find right in many ways. They served in the army in shops, and in the government and were still rejected equal right. Although Throughout the 1960s, African Americans found new support in the form of students and well-known leaders, and made use of different methods such as marches, freedom rides, and black pride, to reach their continuing goals of equal voting rights, desegregation, and equality in general.
The main reason for the civil right movement was to achieve the main goal of equal right between every American citizen both black and white. They also had small goals that they need to achieve before achieving the main goal of equal right. African American protested and fought for equal right in voting. Many African Americans had to pay poll taxes which they couldn’t afford, and endure literacy tests and other limiting factors. This caused African citizens to be enraged that they were forced to pay a poll tax and take part of literacy test that not only challenge they mind but they written skills. African also fought for desegregation in school, restaurant, and transportation. In congress laws were passed to encourage desegregation in school, restaurant and stores. Desegregating of transportation was an issue that affects not only the social order of the American cities but the American constitution. Segregation for transportation was declared unconstitutional after Rosa Parks fought for the right of all African American citizens in a state of law for freedom to site in…

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