This is problematic. Here’s why: there was more than one ice age,five total that we know of, and these were separated by hundreds ofmillenia. The various periods of glaciation (ice ages) were:Huronian (lasted 300 million years, 2.4 billion years ago),Chryogenian (lasted 165 million years, 800 million years ago), theAndean-Saharan (lasted 30 million, 450 million years ago), theKaroo Ice Age (lasted 100 million years, 300 million years ago),and the Quarternary glaciation (which began 2.3 million years ago,and which we are currently experiencing and is perhaps coming to aclose).
One answer specific to the last great ice age:Many kinds. There were short faced bears, giant bison, woolymammoths, sabre tooth tiger’s and more. Many of these animals,people ate, of course.

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