The Indus valley people were the first in the world to spin the cotton and wollen yarn .This has been confirmed from the discovery of a number of clay spindles of different sizes, all over these cities. moreover , needles and buttons have also been found here.

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They preferred loose wore dhoti and a shawl’s. women wore a type of skirt and wrapped a shawl round their sholders.
men kept their hair short and thei beard trimmed.women on the other hand liked to keep long hair and dressed their hair in a variety of styles.They used combs to decorate their hair.

men and women,both rich and poor wore ornaments.necklaces,filletsarmlets and finger- rings, were common to both men and women. In addition to these,women also wore girdles(belt for the waist),ear-rings,nose rings ,anklets , bangles,nose-studs and bracelets.
the woman loved cosmetics.They were fond of looking beautiful and charming.

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