I have an ongoing issue with my bladder or uninary track. The bestway to describe it at first was that I was getting performanceanxiety while having to urinate in a public restroom or leaving aurine sample while being filmed at my methadone clinic twice aweek. I had no problem doing this for a long time, then all of asudden around a year ago I would not be able to void my bladder nomatter how long I wait or tried while I was in these situations. Asmuch as it sucked, I managed it for about six months until itstarted happening at home. But it this case when everything seizedup, there was no external factor that should have done this. Thefirst time it happened I woke up in the middle of the night andcould urinate. I stood there for 30 minutes and then had to calland ambulance and be catheterized in the hospital. The second timeit happen in the late afternoon with the sample ending. To make along story short this happened 8 times over three months! At whichpoint I finally got an appointment to get a cystoscopy and see aUrologist. But, disappointingly the test came back completelyclear… The only reason they could give me was that the musclesaround the urinary track seize up due to anxiety or randomly andthey put me on FlowMax to remedy this. It worked for about onemonth and then everything start happening again. And last night Iwas at the hospital again getting another catheter put in. This ishonestly ruining my life and I can’t keep managing this. Thecatheters are getting very painful, and the constant hospitalvisits are taking their toll.
I need help.

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One thing to consider is that about six month prior to thisstarting. I was taken off my prescription of Clonazepam, whichgreatly helped reduce my anxiety. I remember though when I had tourine sample a few times in the past and my prescription had runout, this exact thing happened. Now I know the easy answer is justget a new prescription of that. But I moved to a new town and Idont have a psych here and the waiting list in Sudbury, Ontario isyears long. Plus, recently laws are making those types ofmedications much harder to get prescribed. So, I don’t think thatis a realistic way to manage this.

Please if anyone has seen this or knows anything let me know.

Thank you.

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