The Nations of Esau: Ancient Times
Edomite elements were later to be found amongst colored peoples but on the whole Esau (Edom) is of Caucasian type and proud of it.
Esau was also known as Edom. He gave rise to the Edomite Nations. One of the Edomite peoples created a small kingdom to the southeast of Judah. The region known as Edom contained only a small portion of the Edomite people. There were however several Edomite polities and groups of Edomites that merged with other nations often as the military elites and aristocracy.
DUKE MAGDIEL [Genesis 36:43] one of the early leaders of Edom was the real founder of Rome according to tradition.
Early Rulers of Edom were to be found in Mesopotamia e.g. Saul of Rehoboth on the River (Genesis 36:31-43).
Descendants of Esau settled in Babylon and in some of the Phoenician Cities such as Tyre. Both Babylon and Tyre in Scripture are associated with Edom.
According to Don Isaac Abarbanel (1437-1508) a tradition existed that many of the early Christians were Edomites.

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Additional answer:
To be a ‘descendant’, you have to come AFTER someone…so your question is probably:
‘Did Esau descend from Babylon’s founders?’.
Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, Japheth.
Nimrod (the founder of Babel (Babylon)) descended from Ham(Genesis 10:6-10)
Esau (son of Abraham) descended from Shem (Genesis 11:10-27)
If you go far enough back, we’re ALL related. We ALL come from the same original two. But Esau is not in Nimrod’s specific lineage….they would be distant cousins.

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