The prophet Isaiah is best known as the author of the Book ofIsaiah. However, scholars have confirmed that the Book of Isaiahwas really written by two (and possibly three) authors.
The first author, now knownas First Isaiah, says that he wrote of events that occurred duringthe reigns of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. Thus, helived prior to about 687 BCE, when Hezekiah died.
More than a century later, ananonymous author now known as Second Isaiah added further materialabout the Babylonian Exile. This material continued until the earlyyears of the Return to Jerusalem, beginning around 500 BCE, eitherby Second Isaiah or a Third Isaiah.

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During the lifetime of First Isaiah there was no king in Babylon,as it was under the dominion of Assyria until 625 BCE, when theBabylonians rebelled under Chaldean leadership.

The Babylonian Exile was enforced in 586 BCE by King NebuchadnezzarII, who was succeeded in about 555 BCE by Nabonidus, the last ofthe Babylonian kings. The writings of Second Isaiah begin duringthis period.

Nabonidus was defeated by the Persian, King Cyrus the Great, in 539BCE. Around 530 BCE, Cyrus gave his son Cambyses the title of kingof Babylon, within the Persian Empire, but Cambyses succeeded tothe Persian throne a year afterwards. A Babylonian revolt sawBabylon under its own king, Nebuchadnezzar III, from 522 to 520BCE, and another revolt probably occurred around 514 BCE. This wasclearly the time of Second Isaiah.

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