.These may not be the most famous, but they are certainly importantin the timeline of Ancient Rome.

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753 B.C.E. Rome was founded.
509 B.C.E. The Roman monarchy was overthrown and replaced withthe Roman Republic.
44 B.C.E. Julius Caesar was assassinated.
27 B.C.E. The Second Settlement between Augustus and the senateformalised the establishment of absolute personal rule by Augustus.This marked the end 482-year the period of the Roman Republic andthe beginning of the 503-year period of rule by emperors.

380 C.E. The co-emperors Gratian and Theodosius I issued theEdict of Thessalonicca, which established Greek or EasternChristianity and Latin or Western Christianity as the solelegitimate religion of the Roman Empire. Its aim was to bandissident Christian doctrines, which were branded as heretic. Thesedissident doctrines were persecuted, especially Arian Christianity.Pagan religions were also persecuted. Greek/Eastern Christianityand Latin/Western Christianity later came to be called Orthodox andCatholic respectively.

476 C.E. Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of the western partof the Roman Empire, was deposed. Historians use this event as theconventional date for the fall of the western part of the empire.The eastern part of the Roman Empire continued to exist for nearly1,000 years.

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