Rome declined for a variety of reasons. First, they had grown toolarge to effectively govern. Rome was also suffering fromconsiderable internal pressures. There were so many religionswithin the borders that it was hard to feel a sense of unity withyour fellow citizens. There were also several times the BlackPlague killed significant numbers within the Empire; because ofthis Rome was forced to rely on outsiders for maintaining it’smilitary might. These barbarians demanded more and more benefits inorder to keep their loyalty. Rome had also developed a significantwelfare state, where every citizen was entitled to at least somefree food every day, publics baths, etc. Large amounts of theImperial treasury were dedicated to maintaining the armies and thecorn/bread dole for the people. This left little money in case ofan emergency. Outside the Empire there was an increased number ofmigrating people fleeing into Roman territory, often violently,trying to find a better life for themselves.

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