In 490 BCE Athens and its ally Plataia defeated a Persian punitiveexpedition at Marathon
by attacking the Persian infantry when its cavalry support wasabsent.

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In 481 there was no battle as there were no Persians forces inmainland Greece.

In 480 BCE the southern Greek alliance fleet defeted the Persianfleet by splitting the fleet at Salamis and defeating it in detail.

In 479 BCE the Greek alliance defeated a depleted Persian army(half had been sent home because it could not be supported inGreece when its sea supply line had been cut by the loss of itsnaval power at Salamis) at Plataia by fighting on rough groundwhere the persian cavalry could not operate. They also destroyedthe remainder of the Persian fleet at Mykale on the shore as it wasnow too weak to come out for a sea battle.

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