Terrorism in Pakistan

Take them and kill them whenever you find them.Against such we have given you clear warrant.”…… . ( Sarah No: 4, Ayah No: 91 )

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This baronial stating by Quran is used merely for terrorists, who create fright in the milieus of a state and the remainder of the universe. This expansive stating by Quran is more likely to be applicable here in Pakistan because those people who are terrorists can’t be a Muslim ; they want to destruct peaceable Muslim society. Nowadays terrorists are going big in figure throughout the World and making fright in the Black Marias of the people. We have many states as illustrations where the terrorists are in big figure. The best illustrations before us is Pakistan, Bosnia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Israel etc. In Pakistan terrorists are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours due to many grounds like unknowingness, poorness and Political leaders of Pakistan are non united etc. Everywhere there are bomb blasts, killing of guiltless people, drone onslaughts, stealing, nobbling etc. In many topographic points of Pakistan these conditions are happening twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. For illustration, in states like Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Punjab and metropoliss like Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Swat, etc are now affected by terrorist act. And our politicians don’t want to complete these jobs because they are non united and they are besides involved in terrorist act. The major types of terrorist act are political and spiritual terrorist act ; if these are finished, a state can populate a peaceable and comfortable life. Terrorism is one of the biggest job of Pakistan and authorities should take serious steps to work out this job.

The chief ground why terrorist act started in Pakistan? Was that the incident of LAL Masjid which took topographic point in 1999. The Pakistani ground forces and other forces got caput to caput with LAL Masjid leaders. Militant affected the Masjid really severely and the leaders of the Masjid took abode in tribal countries and they thought that Pakistani Government are against Islamic regulations and ordinances and they didn’t want Islamic society in Pakistan, since that clip they started secret plans against of Pakistani military forces and security bureaus which are Police, Army, Navy and other forces. They are besides be aftering even now to get the better of and to complete these enforcements bureaus in Pakistan, which reinforce jurisprudence in the state. And the other ground of terrorist act in Pakistan is the friendly relationship of Pakistan with United States of America, And America is genuinely against extremist Islamists, they send Drones to assail throughout the tribal countries including Waziristan, Mohmand Agency and other FATA countries. [ 1 ]

In the above paragraph these were the starting and grounds of terrorist act in Pakistan, Now the topographic points which are set uping by terrorist act, really there are many metropoliss and small towns of which terrorist act has destroyed their lives and economic system but first Karachi which is effected by terrorists. In Karachi everyone knows the ground which is political terrorist act and foreign bureaus which are shifted for many old ages and became the cause of terrorist act in Karachi. In Karachi political terrorist act is chiefly happening. When one political party acquire a place in the assembly of national or provincial, the other party become against the first and they do their best against them to dirt the winning party image in the assembly. They, sometime, usage killing impeccant people, the abuse of forces at that place in Karachi like Police etc, which cause terrorist act in Karachi. The other ground of terrorist act in Pakistan is the foreign bureaus which are inhabitant in Karachi and they change their outfit and show themselves as Pakistani. They train hapless people throughout the Pakistan and utilize them for terrorist act and offering them money, whose create civil terrorist act in Karachi. They sometime, do bomb blasts, snatch of people and killing people. Here and at that place bombing in Karachi are due to that bureaus. [ For illustration, in Karachi, 28 December 2009 a bomb blasted in the crowed of Shia on Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road, in which about 43 individuals are killed and many of them are critically injured. The Shia were really angry and they show their anger on ambulance workers and infirmary employers. ] … [ 2 ]

The terrorist act in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has many grounds like Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) . Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is an organisation, [ which is built in 2002 ] , in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, they frequently live in the cragged countries of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. [ In 2007, 13 groups were united and made a tahreek under the leading of their leader at that clip, the intent of this tahreek is opposition against Pakistani activist which is Police, Army, Navy etc, and they want to go united against the NATO forces in Afghanistan. ] Now some people say they are non terrorists and some say they are terrorists but we can state that whenever there is bomb blaring in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, TTP take the duty of it and demo that this is done by them. [ This tahreek is spread over FATA countries and besides in some territories of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa like Bannu, Swat, Dera Ismail Khan etc. ] … [ 3 ] . In Khyber Pukhtunkhwa besides foreign bureaus and terrorists cause terrorist act. Foreign bureaus come here on mission which is to make fright in the Muslim society. Sometime they did bomb blasts here and at that place and sometime they are utilizing hapless people to make fright in the surrounding and in the people. Poor people have no money and they offered them money and in the greed of money they become against of their ain state peace. Sometime they use the affected people by terrorist act, and say to them that Police and Army have affect you and your household, their head alterations against Pakistani enforcement, and they become the friends of terrorists and create fright in the peaceable Muslim society. Foreign terrorists came here in Pakistan and demoing themselves as Mujahidin ( those people who fight for Islam ) . They use polite linguistic communication among the people ; they have besides changed their get up as Mujahidin and learning nonreader and uneducated people against the forces in Pakistan. They create the bad name of Mujahidin and make fright in the state. For illustration, every twenty-four hours there are bomb blasts, firing on sinless people, snatch of babes, work forces and adult females. Everywhere there are suicide onslaughts and killing 100s of individuals. [ In five old ages about 12456 people are killed in bomb blasting and about 14775 are injured critically. In 2008 about 377 people were killed and about 670 injured in 32 self-destruction onslaughts, 1778 were killed and 2201 injured by distant control blaring. In these blaring the killed individuals include 221 enforcement personalities and 868 civilian. In another incident about 25 believers were killed and 50 injured in the mosque of Lower Dir. The major incident in 2008 is the suicide onslaught occurred on August 19, near the exigency ward of District Headquarter Hospital Dera Ismail Khan, killed individuals were 32 including 7 Policemen, self-destruction himself and 55 injured. In the same twelvemonth in about 46 self-destruction onslaughts 1,700 people were killed and 2,629 injured in 2009. “In the same twelvemonth, 503 people, including 201 police officers, were killed and 1,221 others, including 452 police officers, were injured in 38 suicide bombardments”. ] [ 4 ] . In short in a big figure of people have been killed in the continuance of five old ages 2008-2013.

About every twenty-four hours there is suicide onslaughts in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. In a suicide onslaught even the terrorist putting to death himself. They have been trained by others who want the devastation of Muslim society. For illustration, in all major metropoliss of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa there has been at least one or two suicide onslaughts occurred. [ In the current twelvemonth 2013 many of suicide onslaughts have been occurred, like on January 10, at Takhta Band Mingora Swat in the self-destruction blast inside the Tablighi Markaz about 30 tablighi jamaat were killed and about 70 were injured, on February 01 and February 02 of the same twelvemonth two self-destruction blast at Pat Bazaar territory Hangu and Sarai Naurang territory Lakki Marwat severally occurred in which about 65 individuals were killed and 56 were injured critically. The self-destruction in Lakki Marwat was on the cantonment of Pak Army. On February 14 2013, in territory Hangu and District Bannu in two self-destruction onslaughts about 17 were killed and 23 injured, on February 15 and 18 of the same twelvemonth in Mardan and Peshawar suicide have killed 9 and injured 5, in the month of March 2013 in the self-destruction blasts in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa about 17 were killed and about 84 injured, in April 2013 27 were killed and 95 injured, in May 2013 about 22 were killed and 87 injured in self-destruction onslaughts, in June 2013 about 52 and 82 were killed and injured severally, from June boulder clay now about 121 are killed and 192 injured in 2013 which show terrorist act in Pakistan. ] . [ 5 ]

In FATA, chiefly Drone onslaughts and bomb blasting and poorness cause terrorist act. Where every twenty-four hours drone onslaughts and bomb blasting occurs there and people are in great fright. Some of them have shifted to Peshawar Mardan and other metropoliss. Drones are jet without pilot and controlling by American Agency through computing machine and throwing missiles and bombs. [ Bomb blasting and self-destruction blasting in FATA besides happening on big graduated table. For illustration, in the current twelvemonth 2013, approximately 4 were killed and 01 injured in bomb blasting on FATA countries, in the last twelvemonth 2012, approximately 12 were killed and 03 were injured in that countries, in 2011, approximately 12 people were killed and 15 injured, in 2010, killed individuals were 42 and injured 08, from twelvemonth 2005 to twelvemonth 2009 killed people are 45 and injured people are 14 in FATA. ] . [ 6 ] The 3rd ground of terrorist act in FATA is poverty, in FATA countries there is poorness in every territory which is the root of terrorist act. The foreign terrorists come here and offering them money and we all know that hapless need money that’s hapless become ready to distribute terrorist act in the surrounding.

Our state Pakistan is besides affected by political terrorist act which is caused by our political leaders. Political terrorist act mean making fright through political relations, political parties etc. Our political leaders are non united and are non concerted with each other. Due to the deficiency of unity foreign terrorists coming here and make fright here and at that place and no one say to person about this. When one privation to make something for people, the other become against him. For illustration, now in Peshawar there is DHARNA against drone onslaughts in Pakistan’s FATA countries in the leading of Imran Khan who is the president of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf ( PTI ) , merely a few political leader and parties get united with Imran Khan in DHARNA and the remainder of parties and leaders become against him and state that Imran Khan’s Dharna will be unsuccessful and unconcluded and Imran Khan misuse the power of people. So we all know that drone onslaughts are against our state development but we don’t cognize that what our leaders want in this state. If there is integrity in our leaders, no state can assail our metropoliss and small towns.

Islam says that kill the terrorists everyplace because the lives of a human is really cherished. Quran says ;

Take them and kill them whenever you find them” ( Surah No: 4, Ayah No: 91 )

The expansive stating means to kill terrorists whenever you find them.

If any one batch a individual unless it be for slaying or for distributing mischievousness in the land, it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” ( Surah No: 5, Ayah No: 32 )

The above expansive stating by Holy Quran show that the lives of human being is really of import and cherished. The great expression by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal explains the above Ayahs ;

Dard-i-dil ke wasti paida kia insan KO

Warna itaat keleyai kuch kam na the karobiyan

Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) besides said about terrorist act in Muslim society ;

Do non kill the people who are sitting in topographic points­­­­­­­­of worship.”

On another juncture Prophet ( SAW ) said that ;

Do non kill any old individual, any kid or any adult female

In short, big Numberss of metropoliss in Pakistan are affected by terrorist act. And our political leaders are non against it because they are besides involved in it. Since 1999 terrorist act acquire start, everyday many of us are being killed, some are being kidnapped etc. these all are due to the unknowingness and uneducated people of our state. The great Imran Khan says ;

“Terrorism is you winning Black Marias and heads of people.”at another topographic point he says ;

“If your house is firing, would n’t you seek and set out the fire? ”


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