In my research of Judith and Tobit I have found that in today ‘s Christian society there is really small treatment refering as to which books truly belong in the Bible or does non belong. But it was interesting to see that Catholicism and Protestantism were united in their credence of the 27 books of the New Testament, but when it comes to the books of the Old Testament they do n’t hold an understanding.

The term Apocrypha is used with assorted significances, including “ concealed ” , “ esoteric ” , “ specious ” , “ of questionable genuineness ” , and “ Christian texts that are non canonical ” . ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) . Today ‘s modern Protestants accept precisely 66 books, 39 books from Hebrew, called the Old Testament, and twenty seven books written in Greek, called the New Testament. But the Roman Catholics have included fifteen more books or parts of books, which they call their canon.

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We can see that some of the Grecian male parents, such as Origen and Athanasius, limited the figure of canonical books to those of the acknowledged Hebrew[ O ]T, but however they freely quoted from the Apocrypha in their instructions. But some of them considered the apocryphal books unsound for the preparation of philosophy, though they recognized that inspirational stuff could be found in them.

At the clip of the Reformation, Protestants and Catholics did non agreed and they differed as to the comparative worth of these books. The Catholic Church believed that this books ( the Apocrypha ) occupy an commissioned topographic point in the canon of Scripture. But some of the Reformed churches, on the other manus, classified the books as holding no value above any other human Hagiographas. They believe that these books were non of godly inspiration and that they were non portion of the canon of the Scripture and hence should non hold any authorization in the Church of God.

One thing that I did happen was that the Apocrypha is non found in most editions of the Bible. However, in the early yearss of English Bible-printing it was merely normative to happen the Apocrypha in the text. ( Elwell, Walter A. , Beitzel, Barry J. , 1998 )

In my research two of the books that I saw that came in for the most unfavorable judgment are the books of Judith and Tobit.


The book of Judith is believed that it was written in a Semitic linguistic communication by an unknown Judaic writer who may hold lived in Israel some clip after the Babylonian expatriate.

The book of Judith tells the narrative of a Judaic adult female who saves her state from a military onslaught. She was able to carry through this by traveling out to the enemy commanding officer ‘s cantonment ; she was able to tempt him, gets him rummy and so cuts off his caput while he sleeps in his collapsible shelter. She returned with his caput and showed it to her people. She than told the work forces to travel away and assail the enemy. We can see that all throughout the narrative she is presented as a adult female who is really devoted perceiver of the Law of Moses.

Ronald D. Witherup, S.S. , encapsulates the relevant subjects in The Bible Companion: A Handbook for Beginners, 1998 that “ The chief point of the narrative, of class, is that subjugation requires both trust upon God and human craft to get the better of it. The being of animating heroines like Judith in the male-dominated Judaic tradition is of great importance. It provided function theoretical accounts for anyone in oppressive fortunes, and it testified to God ‘s ability to lift up the least likely heroes in times of trouble. In some ways, we might state Judith ‘s narrative is a feminine version of David and Goliath. The underdog can so beat enemies by religion and wisdom. ”


The book of Tobit is believed that it was written in Aramaic and that afterwards it was translated into Greek. This is the narrative of a Judaic household taken to Nineveh during the Babylonian imprisonment. It is believed that Tobit, the blind male parent, direct his boy Tobias on a journey to roll up a debt. On his manner Tobias is led by an angel in camouflage and it was believed that the name of this angel was Raphael. He led Tobias to the house of a virgin adult female who had been married seven times, but whose hubbies harmonizing to the narrative were all slain by a devil on their nuptials dark. The narrative besides goes on by stating that Tobias married the miss and droved off the devil by firing the bosom of a certain fish in the sleeping room and with the aid of his married woman Raphael. He than returns place with the money and his new bride, and so goes on to mend his male parent ‘s sightlessness with the fish ‘s saddle sore. The narrative concludes with Tobias ‘ going from Nineveh, which after the decease of his male parent Tobit, Nineveh is destroyed in judgement.

Historical inaccuracies and the blending of two ancient Israelite common people narratives attest to the fictional nature of this book. Brown, Fitzmyer and Murphy, sum it up in The New Jerome Bible Handbook, 1992: by stating that “ Suffering is non a penalty but a trial. God does, in the long tally, honor the merely and penalize the wicked. The truster is called upon to swear God and to mirror in day-to-day life the justness, clemency, and freedom of God. ”

Based on my research and my apprehension I believe that these books can be utile but are non to be regarded as Scripture. Some of the grounds why I believe this is because no where could I happen that this books were of all time included in the Hebrew Old Testament. Neither could I find that they were accepted as canonical by Jesus or His Apostles. But what I did happen was that these books were non accepted by early Judaic and Christian authors. I believe that this were some of the grounds why this books are non in the Protestant Bible.

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