In a recent article from CBS News. it was found out that the per centum of fleshiness in United States has risen to dismaying degrees. What is scaring about this statistics is that about one tierce of kids in the US aged 4-19 consume six excess lbs every twelvemonth which jeopardizes their wellness by doing them vulnerable to fleshiness ( Holguin 2003 ) . This is no admiration sing the fact that one million millions of dollars are allocated to the farcical sum of fast nutrient advertisement and omnipresent franchises that virtually leaves the populace saturated with high-calorie and low-fiber diet.

I am composing to you to explicate how damaging it is for kids to devour unnatural sums of fast nutrient. so that in your capacity as president of a taking fast nutrient concatenation. you can see this information and alter the manner your merchandises are produced and marketed. It is true that nutrient consumption is a affair of single duty. However. in instance of kids. selling plays a powerful portion in commanding their picks. One of the biggest perpetrators that make fast nutrient so appealing to kids is the selling of repasts with playthings.

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The thought behind tie ining fast nutrient with plaything is to pull a bigger piece of the market since childs would normally be accompanied by their households when they go out to acquire Burger. french friess and the latest plaything fad. The slogan of fast nutrient selling is to pull childs with “toys. plaything. toys” ( Schlosser 2001. 46 ) . Even the installations and resort area subdivision in most fast nutrient ironss seem to be a portion of marketing this unhealthy nutrient. Ad. of class. would non uncover how unhealthy the repasts that come with the playthings are.

The high Calorie content of these repasts comes from heavy sauteing and big sums of sugar that entreaty to the gustatory sensation buds of kids. Surveies show that babes prefer the sweet gustatory sensation and reject the acrimonious 1s ( Schlosser 2001 ) . As such. fast nutrient repasts become “comfort foods” for kids because of the hooking experience they have when they consume it ( Schlosser 2001. 123 ) . Another job in readying of repasts in fast nutrient eating houses is the usage of hydrogenated oil for sauteing ( Gosline 2006 ) .

Hydrogenated oil or trans-fats are risky because they increase the hazard of bosom onslaught ( Gosline 2006 ) . Obesity is another result of a steady ingestion of high-calorie diet. Although companies promote exercising and holding an active life style. these are no compensation for devouring more than the needed Calories for a twenty-four hours. Obesity is non the concluding consequence of a high-calorie diet because it branches out and causes myriad of other wellness jobs including diabetes which attack organic structure systems doing it susceptible to host of other diseases and organ failures.

Soon. the media. specifically manufacturers of eye-opening docudramas and books. and policy-makers are doing attempts to inform the populace of the jeopardies of fast nutrient. These attempts are meant to protect our kids from developing unhealthy wonts and finally developing organic structure malfunctions. It is my protagonism that people. including those who are involved the industry of fast nutrient. are informed of the reverberations of unbridled. imbalanced and irresponsible production and ingestion of this modern twenty-four hours wellness jeopardy.

Merely through information can we be cognizant of the dangers that we have been so accustomed to sponsor. Sincerely yours. [ writer ]

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