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Process Analytical Technology has brought many alterations to fabricating procedure and application of PAT will convey good alterations and betterment in fabrication procedure. The construct of PAT normally aims by understanding the procedures by specifying their critical control parametric quantities and supervising the same sooner in-line or online therefore bring forthing efficiency in proving and bring forthing concluding merchandise. Application of PAT will decidedly cut down over-processing, better and heighten consistence and minimise culls. This paper “Process Analytical Technology and Scalable Automation for Bioprocess Control and Monitoring” emphasizes importance on how to implement PAT utilizing PAT ends and PAT tools supplying one really good illustration of Water for Injection which is most critical to fabricating procedure. It besides stresses importance of scalable mechanization to implement PAT and defines PAT attack. The benefits of PAT includes better energy usage, better stuff usage, facilitate uninterrupted processing, addition mechanization, cut down production rhythm times and enable existent clip release.

1. Introduction

FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) issued their concluding counsel for PAT ( Process Analytical Technology ) in September 2004. PAT is a model for Innovative Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance. PAT can be defined as: It is a system for planing, analysing and commanding fabrication procedures through timely measurings during processing of critical quality and public presentation properties of natural and in-process stuffs, to guarantee concluding merchandise quality. Emphasis on PAT is on fabricating procedure to magnify basic premiss of current drug quality system. With PAT counsel in topographic point, FDA encourages to follow a new, risk-based regulative model which has scientific and technology rules. PAT ultimate aim is Continuous Real clip quality confidence, Real-time Release and Continuous procedure betterment.

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Execution of PAT helps to better quality, cost and clip for concluding merchandise. For execution of PAT, mechanization is required. So, for this information is collected from full detector related to procedure. These informations will supply us the information about procedure and procedure variables which helps to do the procedure understand really good.

Biopharmaceutical procedures are largely held in situ. Bioprocess such as agitation, DF/UF, chromatography requires controlled environment and parametric quantity such as temperature, pH, gas, etc. should be in control and they should be maintained throughout procedure. Biopharmaceutical industry is utilizing mechanization to supervise and command procedure.

This instance survey “Process Analytical Technology and Scalable Automation for Bioprocess Control and Monitoring” is written by Joydeep Ganguly and Gerrit Vogel provides a comprehensive expression at Talecris Biopharmaceutics attack to PAT and mechanization which is so followed by illustrations of PAT deployed on a bioprocess. This article discusses the construct of incorporate and scalable mechanization that provides comparing between mechanization constructs and says that mechanization supports enterprises like PAT. [ 1 ]


The squad of Talecris Biotherapeutics incorporated the thoughts of PAT enterprise into a new biological procedure that their company developed and deployed in one of their fabrication installations in Clayton, NC. Along with execution of PAT, they put in a new scheme by integrating mechanization constructs along with it which enhanced their Glib attempt.

A Company foremost needs to construe PAT guidelines harmonizing to its specific demands. So they prepared a PAT theoretical account for their company site in Clayton. In the paper, they go on to consistently explicate their attack towards development and incorporation of PAT theoretical account and PAT severally, the function played by mechanization and the construct of scalable mechanization. It besides includes two illustrations of WFI ; one devoid of PAT and the other inclusive of PAT and mechanization techniques.

For that intent, as per 1, foremost they build up PAT procedure theoretical account which helps to place, proctor, analyze, control, and describe any hazard and whole procedure understanding to pull off that. Like as in designation includes process designation and critical quality attributes like as shown in the instance survey conduction is might be the critical quality properties for H2O for injection.

Monitoring the system is done utilizing any on-line instrument. This measure besides allows us to roll up informations for CQA and measure the consequence of seting CQA on overall merchandise efficaciousness.

Analysis of the merchandise checks the merchandise efficaciousness by verifying and formalizing it. In this we use statistical analysis to find how CQA is related to overall efficaciousness of concluding merchandise.

Following measure is to command the procedure which is a critical measure that includes existent clip quality confidence and besides ensures that CQA is within specified bounds at all times. Last measure includes frame work of all procedure in the signifier of study.

Furthermore, article attempts to explicate the construct of mechanization including PAT maps which allows for higher degree of mechanization called “new generation” control system engineering. This New coevals control system is chiefly based on scalability, making, and modular constellation.

Above all, this article explains two illustrations from instance survey, foremost explains about operation and control of WFI system and 2nd illustration gives information and advantage approximately machine-controlled substructure.

3. Discussion

3.1 Automation construct: – [ 1 ]

By and large any bioprocess or pharmaceutical installation chiefly consists of an assembly of skids from different sellers which supplies public-service corporations, storage, procedure AIDSs and cleansing.

As shown in the article, the new zombi construct developed by Talecris biopharmaceutics.As shown in the they used the theoretical account for Automation Pyramid to measure the different attacks to mechanization. Automation construct utilizes skids from different industries. [ 1 ]

As shown in the below on the left portion of it shows “island of automation” construct which shows an option of single mechanization solution for the skids. And these skids have single operator interface and so non interfaced with each other.

The scalable mechanization construct on the right shows some solution by utilizing new coevals control system as platform. In this single skids can be developed foremost and so tested stand entirely. They made this possible by utilizing modular attack & A ; easiness of constellation.

So based on this comparing, advantages of automatizing the full procedure gives clear apprehension of scalable mechanization construct and full procedure. This procedure besides provides some benefits like: – [ 1 ]

§ It gives a clear relation of informations to the batch and process measure information.

§ Easy to entree all beginnings of variableness.

§ Provide a method to supervise the critical quality properties.

§ Obtain all the procedure via common interface.

§ Identify and manage any divergence from procedure specification in timely mode.

§ Collect the multiple pieces of real-time informations to develop studies and theoretical accounts. [ 1 ]

The construct of implementing the scalable mechanization provides model for mechanization and PAT. It besides gives information for more procedure apprehension. But this construct applies merely for new procedure non for bing procedure because it needs a pre prepared demand of control system, show constellation and colour codification to bring forth common control and analysing system. So for bing procedure, this fundamental is non applied since its load to alter puting from old skid and interface, higher cost may disrupt the procedure. [ 1 ]

The article “Bioprocess control: Progress and challenges” written by Joseph S. Alford chiefly focuses on bioprocess control and chiefly gives information about bioreactor. They used PLC to command procedure and to direct informations to computing machine storage system. It besides includes any primary inline/ online/virtual detector for procedure measuring. It is expected that pharmaceutical industry leads to evolution toward more procedure control. This might be possible by the acceptance of construct and engineerings behind PAT. [ 3 ]

Another article as shown in mentions explains the mechanization construct to command bioprocess. It besides explains about detectors and incorporate system to roll up the information from the procedure. The other mechanization system such as nosologies, interlock, PAT interface and colour in writing shows for operator provides extra functionality to the procedure. So wholly over this article as described below chiefly favors the mechanization in bioprocess to command procedure. [ 4 ]

This article describes about the launching of new package solution called “Sipat” by SIEMENS to back up any PAT application in pharmaceutical industry. This new package named Sipat is user friendly and to the full integrated in to fabricating procedure. It has following advantages chiefly: – [ 4 ]

§ It has ability to interface with an bing procedure.

§ It helps in uninterrupted procedure betterment by garnering procedure apprehension in fabrication and development.

§ It allows full transparence on quality facets from unit operations level up to ERP, MES & A ; LIMS.

§ It develops any procedure by QbD ( quality by design ) rules and industries it “right-first-time” .

§ It allows a quality control growing by commanding the procedure so holding a real-time merchandise release capableness by covering entire batch quality.

§ It can be used in fabrication & A ; development.

§ It enables the analytical and process measuring, theoretical account creative activity and proof.

§ Having on-line visual image, analysis and coverage of any historical informations. [ 4 ]

3.2 WFI Example

We will discourse in brief about an illustration for Water for Injection, as keeping WFI system is really critical for any processing operations carried out in industry. We will hold a glimpse on WFI without using PAT attack and so with PAT attack to understand that what difference it makes when we apply or implement PAT in the procedure. Besides, writer has explained execution of PAT and scalable mechanization by utilizing centralised mechanization.

3.2. A Non-PAT attack:

As shown in 3 below, it shows a still and distribution armored combat vehicle, which feeds a production intermediate, sub-distribution armored combat vehicle. Water is supplied to production countries by opening and shutting of valves. WFI system is structured so that there is centralised WFI coevals with chief distribution armored combat vehicles. It so feeds intermediate production, sub-distribution armored combat vehicles which shops WFI until production requires it. When production needs WFI, the operation managing production has to conform to public-service corporation operator whether WFI is available for usage or non via electronic petitions or hardwired signals. When petition for WFI is received, the public-service corporation operator would guarantee that CPPs, conduction and temperature are within specifications and let the production operator to utilize WFI.


I ) The chief job associated with this system is that if suppose CQA go out of specifications during production use, there is no manner the production unit can take any action until the public-service corporation operator manually stops flow/supply of WFI. This means there is no existent clip quality confidence.

two ) There is no room for prognostic control to happen since other skids are incognizant to the interaction of this skid.

3.2. PAT attack:

Now, we consider WFI illustration utilizing PAT attack. First, it monitors CQAs like determined TOC, conduction, USP criterions for chemical science & A ; return temperature. As shown in the 4 on-line analysers like TOC and conduction are placed at the return of all armored combat vehicles and cringles. All the analysers are monitored. Signals ( 4-20 ma signals ) from these analysers were sent back to the public-service corporations accountant. Alarm limits set in the control system at or below it out of tolerance bounds. So if any dismay bounds goes out of its tolerance bounds, study is sent to the integrated coverage bundle.

Now when production needs WFI, formula parametric quantity takes it from public-service corporation accountant. So first accountant determines all CQAs for public-service corporation system within acceptable bounds, it returns another formula parametric quantity to the production accountant and the production valve opens. During this procedure, if TOC exceeds its acceptable bounds interlocks automatically close the production valves and it prevents the production from utilizing WFI. Real clip quality confidence is maintained during whole procedure.

WFI with PAT attack holding following benefits: –

§ Its strong coverage constituents allows for multivariate analysis.

§ WFI direction system is electronic so on-line totalizes allow public-service corporations to direct WFI to its most critical users which has some advanced information.

§ Having existent clip quality confidence with the changeless monitoring of CQAs.

§ It reduces manual testing. It besides reduces or eliminates the demands of proving TOC & A ; conduction due to changeless monitoring of the centralized control system.

§ Less opportunities of manual mistakes during processing of research lab samples.

So the above description of WFI monitoring & A ; control system gives the confidence that WFI taint does non impact any production system.

The centralised & A ; scalable mechanization construct straight connected to the new coevals control system holding an incorporate historiographer and coverage bundles. This system is holding following advantages: –

§ It controls the full procedure and helps to ease the comparing of critical informations from all skid system on one platform.

§ If critical parametric quantity for WFI goes beyond the unacceptable bound, valves can be shut off and it eliminates the hazard of any taint.

§ Improve the quality of WFI by measuring existent clip endotoxin and rapid micro analysers.

Another article “Advance in on-line monitoring and control of mammalian cell civilizations: back uping the PAT initiative” written by A.P.Teixeira, P.M.alves, R. Oliveira & A ; M.J.T. Carrondo, discuss analytical techniques for insitu monitoring. The broad scope of spectroscopic techniques like MIR, NIR, 2D fluorometry, dielectric electrical capacity spectrometry, electronic olfactory organ techniques are used for different type of mammalian cell civilizations. All this spectroscopic method helps in informations assemblage in the signifier of informations mining techniques such as PLS, PCR or ANN. A chemo metric method is besides used for improved monitoring and control of mammalian cell processes. Another method like execution of feedback control would assist to better procedure public presentation and ensures the duplicability. This information will helpful to understand the procedure better and command it. [ 2 ]

A white paper article published by Rockwell mechanization is besides in favour of the chief article. This article chiefly focuses on execution of PAT in pharmaceutical procedures including execution stairss, placing, detecting, analysing stage, and certification stage. Article besides mentioned about importance of certification. Rockwell mechanization besides includes analysis, system integrating and hardware or package execution in their research paper. All this stairss are besides included in the chief article written by Joydeep and Gerrit which shows this article supports the chief article. [ 5 ]

4. Summary

The article written by Joydeep and Gerrit provides information about execution of PAT in new installation. It provides information about construct of scalable mechanization followed by comparing of scalable mechanization utilizing mechanization pyramid. They have given illustration of WFI system with PAT & A ; Non-PAT attack. This gives clear thought about how to utilize scalable mechanization to implement PAT enterprise and importance of informations assemblage. WFI illustration besides shows that application of PAT and mechanization leads to increased merchandise safety and efficiency.

The chief drawback we found from this article is that it does n’t include any information about how to implement PAT in bing system. It besides has really short information about reading of multidimensional informations and about informations assemblage.

Overall, the full article provides good information about PAT execution with good illustration of WFI. Since PAT is new construct for the industry, alterations will be made to better the procedure.


Pat: Process Analytical Technology

WFI: Water for Injection

TOC: Entire Organic Carbon

CQA: Critical Quality Attribute

Food and drug administrations: Food and Drug Administration

CPPs: Critical procedure Parameters

QbD: Quality by design

USP: Unites provinces Pharmacopoeia

UF/DF: Ultra Filtration/ Diafiltration

CIP: Clean and jerk In Topographic point

PLS: Partial least squares

PCR: Chief constituent arrested development

ANN: Artificial nervous web

Maines: Manufacturing Execution System

NIR: Near Infrared

MIR: Mid Infrared

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller


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