Nestled at a tallness of 5,200 pess, Vaishnodevi, is one of the holiest temples in the Hindu faith. Located in the hill of Vaishno Devi in Jammu Kashmir, Vaishnodevi is besides known as Mata Rani and is believed to be an embodiment of the Mother Goddess. This is the 2nd most visited topographic point of pilgrim’s journey after Tirupati.

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If ancient Hindu texts and Bibles are to be believed, the Mother Goddess was infact born stat mis off from where her shrine is situated. Her place of birth seems to hold been the South of India and she was born to Ratnakar Sagar. She left the secular desires at merely 9 old ages of age to chew over and execute repentances to pacify Lord Rama, an embodiment of Lord Vishnu.

Please by her devotedness, Lord Rama asked her to travel North and meditate in a cave in the Trikuta scope of Manik Mountains. This is how Vaishnodevi is believed to hold been established.


The Vaishnodevi Shrine: This universe celebrated temple that attracts 1000s of fans each twelvemonth is the focal point of Vasihnodevi. Like most ancient shrines the history of the Vaishnodevi shrine is shrouded in antiquity and mysticism although it is believed that the shrine was discovered by the Pandavas and the Mother Goddess finds a reference in the heroic poem Mahabharata. On a mountain, merely next to the Trikuta mountains and overlooking the sanctum cave are five rock constructions which are believed to typify the five pandavas. Devouts believe that the Mother Goddess has the power to carry through their desires and that no 1 goes empty handed from her shrine.

Baba Dhansar: This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located 15 kilometer from Katra. Many devouts throng to this temple to see the of course formed Shiv Lingam on which droplets of H2O autumn invariably throughout the twelvemonth. This temple is besides the locale for a just that is held during Shivratri.

Shiv Khori: This is the sanctum cave residence of Lord Shiva and is situated about 70 kilometers from Katra and the alone attractive force of this cave is its form – it is shaped like a ‘Damroo ‘ , Lord Shiva ‘s heavenly music instrument – broad at the terminals and narrow at the Centre. Shiv Khori besides has a of course formed Shiv Lingam that is popular amongst fans.

How to Reach

Your Vaishnodevi Yatra starts from Katra, a town located 50 kilometer from Jammu. Katra is good connected by route to Jammu. The nearest airdrome to Katra is Jammu as is the rail caput. If you plan to go by route, you can take from a broad scope of conveyance options like coachs, private taxis, landrovers etc. Recently, a chopper service has besides been started for pilgrims who do non desire to do the long and backbreaking trek to the shrine on pes.

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