Recently, the engineering promotion has brought alterations in touristry industry. Why did the Internet so dramatically affect the travel industry. What impact do the alterations have on travellers? ( Harrell Associates, 2002 ) . The cyberspace has revolutionized the manner in which consumers make their travel determinations ( Introducing the ETC New Media Trend Watch, 2012 ) . Consumers now have many more picks because the Internet gives more suppliers more chances to make direct consumer relationships and allows a broad assortment of pricing ( Harrell Associates, 2002 ) . The Internet offers a powerful environment for the creative activity of practical representations of touristry finishs leting indirect experience that greatly surpasses the possibilities of traditional travel agents ( Bogdanovych, Berger, Simoff & A ; Sierra, 2005 ) .

Even though there are many online travel services, a traditional travel agent is every bit much an of import portion of the trip as comfort is to going! ( Will, 2012 ) . The travel industry is comprised of over a twelve related industries: air hoses, eating houses, hotels/motels, travel bureaus, gift stores, car leases, and a host of other concerns that may non be even recognized their dependance on travel and touristry since travellers are normally identical from local clients ( Cheung & A ; Lam, 2009 ) . Will ( 2012 ) besides stated that, the function of a travel agent has been increasing with the times and today most people are dependent on them for put to deathing most of their travel programs so that they can rest easy and merely bask their trip.

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This survey is aim to analyze the grounds why people choose internet engagement over utilizing travel bureaus services and to research the ways on how travel bureaus can prolong their operation in order to last in touristry industry.


Tourism has become the 2nd largest economic system subscriber after fabricating. One of the factors that contribute to the roar of touristry market is the promotion of engineering. Travel industry are comprises of assortment related industries, such as air hoses, travel bureaus, eating houses, hotel/motel and more ( Cheung & A ; Lam, 2009 ) . More or less each of the related industry will acquire at least a small impact from the engineering promotion, particularly travel bureaus. There is some research that indicates that touristry merchandise is popular to be bought through online ( Nysveen & A ; Lexhagen, 2001 ) . On-line touristry has grown quickly as the consumer presents are utilizing the promotion of engineering to get information and besides buying touristry merchandises and services ( Dixit, Belwal & A ; Singh, n.d ) .

There are many grounds why consumer tends to take cyberspace as one their medium in buying touristry merchandise and services. One of it is internet are giving them cost-saving convenience ( Cheung & A ; Lam, 2009 ) . Cost-saving convenience means that there are no attempts required for the consumer to pass their clip and money to seek for information about a certain bundle. Some of the consumers are besides taking cyberspace over seeking travel bureaus is because of the flexibleness cyberspace has to offer. The consumer are seeking flexible touristry merchandise to accommodate their travel demands ( Harris & A ; Duckworth, 2005 ) . Based on their research, late the consumers purchasing form has change quickly to independent travel from the typical bundle vacation. To back up this statement, they are accommodating a research done by Mintel, in UK independent travel has conquered the travel market in 2004 with 55 % .

The other ground why consumers tend to take cyberspace over travel bureaus is because of on-line experience has greater possible in visualising travel finishs ( Bogdanovych, Berger, Simoff & A ; Sierra, n.d ) . They besides stated that online engineering offers 3D interactive Tourss that can present clearer feeling on a finish. Synergistic picture can besides be shown on-line without disrupting other clients. Based on a survey done by Daugherty, Hairong & A ; Biocca ( 2005 ) which they wanted to acquire consumers reaction on the merchandise presentation method. The two picks are indirect experience ( practical presentation ) , and direct experience ( direct merchandise use ) . The consequences shows, merchandise cognition and determination quality made by the consumer are both significantly higher when exposed to interactive 3D merchandises than to inactive merchandises presented in a form-based manner.

Despite from all the factors, travel bureaus which are at interest need to last in order to prolong their topographic point in the travel industry. They have to distinguish themselves more than what engineering promotion has to offer. Based on the job statement, we want to carry on a research on how travel bureaus can prolong their operation. There are a few factors that make travel bureaus can prolong themselves in touristry industry in Malaysia. These factors can find the gross revenues of the travel bureaus because the retail travel bureau community has sustained considerable losingss due to the combined impact of the rise of cyberspace ( Cole, 2009 )


By and large, in existent universe, an increasing competition from other channel had caused the figure of traditional travel agents about lessening ( Buhalis, 2003 ) . The Internet is altering the industry construction and consumer behaviour. The widely used of engineering in touristry industry has affect the operation of the travel bureaus in Malaysia. The use of cyberspace by travellers has decreased the gross revenues of travel bureaus in Malaysia. Besides that, cyberspace besides has caused the high street travel bureaus to shut, therefore making occupation losingss within the concerns ( Factors Affecting Tourism – Technological Factors, 2010 ) .

Many surveies have looked into The Internet Travel Industry: What Consumers Should Expect and Need to Know, and Options for a Better Marketplace ( Harrell Associates, 2002 ) , Travel Agents vs. Online Booking: Undertaking the Shortcomings of Nowadays Online Tourism Portals ( Bogdanovych, Berger, Simoff & A ; Carles Sierra, n.d ) , Measuring the Adoption and Use of Internet-based Marketing Information Systems to Better Marketing Intelligence: The Case of Tourism SMEs in Jordan, AL-allak, 2010 ) , Attitudes Towards Internet Use Among Travel Agencies In Greece ( Vasiliki, Costas & A ; Savvas ) and Travel Agents Fight A Losing Battle With the Internet ( World Airline News, 2008 ) . Unfortunately, there is no survey has focus on the factors on how to prolong the travel bureaus operation in Malaysia respects on the engineering promotion.


1 ) To place the factors that can prolong the operation of travel bureaus in Malaya

2 ) To place whether the public presentation or gross revenues of travel bureau affect by the utilizations of engineering such as cyberspace or non.

5.0 RESEARCH Question

1 ) What are the factors that can prolong the operation of travel bureaus in Malaysia?

2 ) Does the public presentation or gross revenues of travel bureau affect by the utilizations of engineering such cyberspace?


Independent variables Dependent variable

H1 – H4Sustainability factors:

Human Touch

Negotiation Power

Interpersonal Skills

Niche Market

Travel bureau ‘s Performance

Figure 1: Proposed model for the survey


H1 There is a important relationship between human touch and travel bureau ‘s public presentation.

H2 There is a important relationship between dialogue power and travel bureau ‘s public presentation.

H3 There is a important relationship between niche market and travel bureau ‘s public presentation.

H4 There is a important relationship between interpersonal accomplishment and travel bureau ‘s public presentation.

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